Grace upon Grace.

It’s been a good few weeks since last I’ve had the chance to drop a note…not because I’ve been asleep but because I’ve been really really really busy!

Some say its hard work doing what we at Life Changer’s do, rite fully so maybe. However considering the rewarding feeling one feels when a so called “bad boy/girl” decides they had enough of walking around with the stigma that society has put on them because of bad behavioral patterns they’ve acted out! When that happens all what may seem as hard work becomes bright lightning Joy.

I’ve been away with thirty eight guys for three days who are in an in-patient rehabilitation program. Two of the guys and myself left on Monday morning with the rehabs guys and returned on Wednesday. To see how these men have been walking around with labels such as x gangsters, x drug addicts and x whatever was just so sad but as the last day dawned on us these men knew exactly who they are and what they need to do and how they now need to see themselves.

A lot of these men viewed themselves as low self esteemed failures until they were brought to a realization that they may have made bad choices which got them to where they were in life but God doesn’t judge them by mistakes and HE’s plan A has not changed to plan B for their lives. It’s still the same one which says that HE plans to give them a future and a hope, one to prosper and not to harm.

It’s amazing what happens when a man is simply told how important he is and though he may have messed up, God is all about fixing up!

If we just patient enough, compassionate enough and we learn to just be forgiving enough, we’ll always see the good side of a person overtake the bad side. May we always just keep in mind that the same Grace that covers gossip, slander & what we may see as small sin sometimes(even though God often puts gossip in the same line with murder)…that same Grace covers even the most gruesome of sins like armed robbery, drug dealing, murder and all the other ugly things people find themselves caught up in.

Life is full of second chances so let’s lead as many as we can to the understanding of this gift called Grace.
If we do that we’ll see a bunch of loving people raise up into leadership positions…”He who has been forgiven much he loveth much”