Free Gift of Grace.

Today I woke up with so much thanx in my heart, and yet a sense of sadness. Feeding in one of the areas yesterday just once again reminded me of the Grace that God’s made so freely available for me and for everyone who’s willing to accept it.

I looked at this area and was so moved by what was going on, how one grown man got up, left his plate of food that he just started eating, and was sent to the shop by a much younger guy to go by matches so they could smoke a mandrax pipe.

I started thinking of how a man’s dignity is taken by addiction and how ones self esteem is broken away bit by bit until such a time when U don’t even know yourself anymore.

We have a really big task at hand and it ain’t just about getting people drug free but its about restoring dignity back to men and woman who lost it because of addiction, prostitution, gangsterism and all these crazy slave drivers that rule so many people’s lives.

So God’s Grace is what we need to get the big task done and Grace is what we need to get these hurting people to understand. No matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been God still has a plan, a hope and a future for every person who’s willing to receive the Grace He’s made available.

When we were supposed to get judgment God gave us mercy and Jesus took Judgment!

When man/woman chose to sew a leaf with a needle to cover his/her nakedness after failing at an attempt to be like God, God chose a tree and a nail to restore man/woman back to oneness with HIMSELF!