Romans 12:4

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function,


A while ago I wrote about the topic of cleansing our lives of bad influences and people that want to drag us down. Last week Brandon spoke about the concept of Echad and why it is important in our journey. There are many avenues of support that we need to draw on but the most important is our relationship with God and the people we let in our lives.

The Hebrew word echad [H259] is often translated into English as “one”; however, it carries the idea of oneness through unity. The fuller meaning is oneness through the twisting and binding of many things together into one. The picture behind echad is of the many threads of a rope, some as thin as a hair and less than an inch and others thicker and longer. As all of the threads are collectively twisted and woven together, they form a single rope, which derives its strength through the action of the fibers being twisted against one another. –

Brandon lightly referenced a sports team to bring the concept to life for us. The analogy emphasises the way in which teams must act as one unit so as to achieve their primary goals. We are stronger as a team and we need each player to function in their roles so that we may succeed in ours. Following this it is important that we pick our teams wisely. We need to choose players that compliment us and build us up.

Just as the holy trinity is one we need to be one with God to make us stronger in our faith and more hardy on our paths. So I urge you to make your ‘team’ strong with God, your family and friends so that you may be stronger. Echad is applicable in all spheres of our lives as children of God, recovering addicts, and functioning members of society.