Doing whats right!

It was yesterday when I sat in awe of God’s greatness once again!

Listening to the guys who work on the school programs pour out their hearts and speak with great passion for what they do, I realized that this organization just has so many facets of which all are just blessed by the great people who work in it.

The school projects ran last year as well and listening to the great reports of how many school kids have not just passed a grade but are learning to find true purpose. These kids are learning to pursue destiny instead of 1 minute high’s of life. I find that its really a task that is bringing about a change of pattern in schools and that will usher in and set a new paradigm of what was once seen as cool.

Before and even now still we hear and see how cigarette smoking, drugs, alcohol and all these mind altering substance use is the “in thing”, of course we don’t leave out gangsterism and sexual promiscuity that are also major issues amongst our teenagers.

However, with all these ills out there that our teenagers face on a daily basis I believe that as young leaders are raised up and as they find purpose and passion for living, so good morals and value’s are being instilled and eventually this will be what kids will strive after.

As we get kids to understand the purposes of them living and as they see how valuable they really are! they will soon want to hop on the band wagon of success and earn it by great leadership of peers who chose to do the rite thing even in the midst of all the easy things that seemed rite to others.

“Its never easy to do what’s rite, though its doing rite which gets us to where we need to be… and somehow we all know it”

So as we lend hands to change lives, and as we raise up leaders we pray that God’s wisdom would guide us always.