Amazing Stuff!

Today, sitting in the office going through old and new photos of the Foundation I realize how far God has carried this great work of His. I sit with an overwhelmed heart to see His greatness revealed through all the successful men and woman who’s come through our doors.

My heart also hurts at what still needs to be done and for those whose road came to painful endings such as the Denzil’s and the Warren’s. All the poverty on our doorsteps, all the hurting families who face trials some of us can only try to imagine.

Its been four years and there’s been trials and tribulations, heart ache and laughter and we push on as a group of dedicated people who’s aim is solely to see the reconciliation of all things, the repairing of all things…what the Rabbi’s called the Tekun Olam(may be a spelling era) but to be allowed to be part of this is so humbling, that we’d get to partner with God in fixing this planet and bringing hope to all HIS people! Not just some.

My hearts desire is that we continue fixing people’s lives up in the years that lie ahead and that we never ever forget that everything we’ve been entrusted with is but by God’s Grace. He found it fitting to partner with us. Some of us who have came a looooong way fighting with our own life’s issues and yet HE chose to partner with us. I’m so reminded of the scripture that reads “He who has been forgiven much, Loveth much”

May we never forget what He’s done for us and so doing may we always see others as God sees Us… always through loving eyes.
May we strive to live out He’s Yolk, Exodus 34v6-7, “He’s the Lord the Lord the compassionate, gracious, slowly angered abounding in love and forgiveness God”