This evening, I am so overwhelmed by emotion, after attending the funeral of a young father who was shot this past week. He leaves behind a devastated  4 year old  little boy who cried uncontrollably at the graveside.

This is why God had birthed this foundation.

In 2015  the enemy came out like a raging bull against our young men on the Cape Flats. We lost so many,  including the passing of our own Jade Hardenberg on Thursday. My plea and prayer for 2016, is that God would grant us new ways and methods to impact not only our communities of Ottery, Lotus River, Parkwood, Grassy Park and Hanover Park, but the entire Cape Flats. Many lives have been transformed by the foundation  but  there is much more to be done. We are losing our youth and we will soon be left with another fatherless generation. May we stop investing in things that  bring no positive change to our communities.

May we not only know what this foundation is  about but may we live it out.
Brandon Eckardt