As we’ve stepped into a new year I realize how many lives this organization and its faithful workers who serve so many people have touched, the feeling that comes over me is gratitude to them , to those who assist financially, with donations and especially to God for en trusting us at Life Changer’s with so many lives.

So for the many who’ve come through our doors and has seen their lives move from one level to a more positive one, for those people we are truly proud of them. The thing that keeps the workers in this organization including myself doing what we do is not only the success of their lives but the fact that when we see them giving back and assisting others who are where they once were…well that! That brings so much joy to see the vision of this organization being imparted to others by those who once were rejected themselves because of addiction’s and gang involvement etc.

So as we lend a hand to change lives this year I know that we’ll just be doing so on a way larger scale simply because of the gift of multiplication, yes I call it a gift to watch God’s grace be placed on an organization and watch HIM turn drug addicts into corporate bosses, gang leaders into group facilitators, drug dealers into emotional healers, well to see this is big for us, to be part of it…now that’s another story!

As we take on 2011, we do so with a workforce who knows where they’ve been and whose not holding others in slavery with the very things that God’s delivered them from. Like another great man of God once said “If we forget where God has brought us from we run the risk of thinking we better than others”

Deuteronomy 26v5-10