16th June, Youth Day…Father’s Day 2013


NPO No: 066-562 Address; Cnr of George & Ivan Rd, Ottery, 7945

03 October 2012



To whom it may concern,



Shahien Esau, 19 year old male from Hanover Park. Difficult circumstances in his life has attributed to the “not so” fortunate outcomes in his life.


Circumstances that the average person would find extremely difficult to face are a daily confrontation for people in less fortunate communities such as Hanover Park.

Even though Shahien faces these difficulties, he is aware of his actions repeatedly accessbeing arrested and wants to create a better life not only for himself, but for his family as well.

Shahien took the initiative to approach a well known organization namely; First Community Resource Center in Hanover Park. At the Resource Center, Shahien started dealing with the pressures in his life and how to overcome them. The different modules discussed within the Resource Center were Communication skills, Anger Management, Paradigm Shift, Anthropology Goal Setting, Choices and Consequences.


The Program lasted for six weeks, Shahien excelled within the program and did not want to leave as he felt he was not 100% ready to be put back into the surroundings that had a big part of him finding himself in the mess he was.

He was sent home regardless as other intakes needed to come in and place was limited, once again Shahien took the initiative to approach The Life Changers Foundation in Ottery.

“Lend a Hand, Change a Life” “Intervention, Restoration and Education”


The Foundation is dedicated to getting people substance free, self sustained, skilled, educated and reconciled with their families to become role models to a society that once rejected them. We believe that Shahien was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In discussions we had with Shahien, He is clearly remorseful for all his past wrong doings and fears that by being in Pollsmoor Prison will be detrimental not only to him, but to his son as well. We feel that getting Shahien out of pollsmoor will save this young man, who wants to change he’s past. We are confident that Shahien has not aligned himself with a prison gang as yet and that is not an easy choice for this young man to make coming from an area ridden with not only street gangs, but prison gangs also. Shahien is in contact with the foundation on a daily basis and we believe that he has a bright future ahead of him. We have discussed with him the necessary steps he has to take in order to get his life on a more positive footing. He knows he wants and needs this in order to create a brighter future for himself and his family.

First Community Resource Center will accept Shahien into their in-house the program on release from Pollsmoor Prison.


The following websites of the foundations that will give further information on rehabilitation programs.



For further information please feel free to make contact


021 7031104

Reading the above letter brings tears to my eyes as I think about how this talented young man who at one time vowed to not become a statistic but rather to make a success of hes life.

Shahien’s lifeless body lay before me on a stretcher, riddled with bullets while he’s Mom cries uncontrollably holding onto him.

June 16th; Youth Day, Fathers Day 2013 and another young life lost to

 gang violance on the Cape Flats. Standing

 in this cold clubroom at 1am in Hanover Park Hospital, looking over Shahien’s bloodened body while his Mom holds onto him with tears streamimg down her face I realize that he did not make 21 years old. The harsh reality hits me like a tone of bricks that maybe this social ill that has claimed so many young lives on the Cape Flats is winning the battle simply because of a lack of father’s who aren’t around to install morals, values and basic guidelines for our youth to make thier way out of the ghettos created by the apartheid government.

June 16th marked as Freedom day brings yet another painful day and this June 16th just happens to be Father’s day, Shahien who grew up fatherless now leaves behind his son to grow up fatherless too.

The question that resounds in my head while writing is this, after all the freedom and all boasting about our great free land…is our youth on the flats of the beautiful Cape really free or are they just slaves to this crazy life style and waiting to become another statistic like Shahien?

Its easy to say things like “but they chose this life”, and there’s truth in that…but how hard is it to survive in a concrete jungle surrounded by evil that continually perpetuates itself?

Looking at this young man’s body who shared his dreams with me just a few months ago, my heart breaks as after all these years the Cape Flats mentality has not changed much.

I say this with a memory in mind of a friend of mine who was gunned down just 2 weeks before his 21st birthday. Brent Doman died after being shot repeatedly after a wild night of craziness of our own on the 9th of May 1993. Twenty years later and the cycle still continues.

I may not have all the answer to bringing an end to this crazy cycle thats claimed so many young lives, however I’m sure that if government, religious leaders, and community leaders put our differences aside and brought our heads together joined forces and  took a few young men under our wings and show them there is a much better way at doing life than the one they’ve been dealt, we will surely save many!


 urge you all who may read this, inside the grace and forgiveness of an all loving God; to look at what God has given you whether it be finances or talents and see how you could assist in bringing heaven to this hellish situation on the Cape Flats that has been going on for decades!

May we look at the Brent’s and Shahien’s out there and do what we can to get them where they need to be in life, instead of judging them without knowing them and with not a clue of what lead them down  the dark lonely road they may find themselves on.